Software Development

MIS has in-house programming teams with the experience to deliver an array of web based and mobile application software on both android and IOS operating systems. With a wide array of languages employed, MIS has created its own business processes conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components.

Hardware Procurement

With an extensive network of suppliers and ancillary hardware providers, MIS can fulfill all your hardware needs. MIS has secured several discounted reseller agreements which gives best value to our clients and significant savings. No matter what your hardware needs are, from massive file servers down to desktop PCs, MIS can get it for you… and often for less than buying it direct!

IT Networking

MIS has IT network professionals familiar with all types of heterogeneous networks. Clients have utilized our services to design, install, and manage their network systems. MIS can also provide outsourcing services whereby clients can outsource their entire network technical support requirements to us at competitive rates with best service quality.

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

MIS works to propose the best IT architecture solution that best meets the needs of our clients and matching their budget. Once the solution is approved by the client, MIS has expertise to implement the solution from ducting, cabling and final testing.


Successful digital transformation requires a high level of protection and security. MIS has the experience and network of service providers that can offer fully licensed security solutions starting from an individual user to data center security to network security.


Placement and Recruitment Service

Finding just the right person for a challenging technical staff position can be quite difficult. Standard placement services often provide overwhelming lists of “candidates,” however many of the resumes provided to the client firms are seldom worth reviewing. This is because the placement firms are not technical people and therefore cannot properly filter the resumes for the hiring managers. MIS solves this problem for managers by taking a low volume, high quality approach. With our technical background, we can serve as a front-end filter for managers who do not want to spend their time reviewing every resume and guarantee the best fit for the client.